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February 18, 2019
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Workshop Papers...
Download the workshop papers from the "Midwest Workshop for Small Public Water Systems" conference. All files are in PDF format. To access the files, get Adobe PDF reader. (free)

   Benchmark Investigation Of Small Water System Economics (167k)

   Emergency Planning CD Presentation (1.2Mb)

   Corrosion Control in Small Public Water Systems (505k)

   Performance of GAC Filter-Absorbers for Herbicide and DBP
   Control at Higginsville, MO (970k)

   Technical Assistance and Education for the Native American
   Nations In Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota (74k)

   Technical Needs Assessment for Small Public Water Systems
   in the Midwest (63k)

The second and fourth document above should be downloaded and then viewed from your local hard drive. To download the document, right click the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Also available are the following in hard copy only. Please contact Jennifer Tester at 217-333-9321 or

   Overview of Missouri Technology Assistance Center,
   Dr. Tom Clevenger, Missouri Technology Assistance Center

   Use of UV for Disinfection in Small Groundwater Systems,
   Mr. Jerry Jesky, University of Missouri-Columbia

   Destruction of Cryptosporidium by UV, Gamma Ray and Electron
   Beam Radiation
   Dr. Randy Curry, Missouri Water Resources Research Center

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